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Plan your perfect Safari Hunting with Base Camp Safaris. Base Camp Safaris gives you the best Game that the Kalahari can offer. The perfect Hunting Package awaits you with fully trained Game Guides and Skinners. Base Campe Safaris will provide cooling facilities and the Transport with all Packages. See our List of Game that we offer.

Game List



Water buck



Blue Wildebeest

Red Hartebeest







Black Wildebeest



Rates include:

Koffie, Tee, Beskuit (06:00)

Brunch (11:00)

Snacks throughout the day

Braai with side dishes (Evening)

Ice unlimited (ice machine)

Fire Wood

Hunting Guide

Game Skinner

Cooling Facilities

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Can my Children/Kids Hunt?

Yes we welcome children and families hunting together, beginners or experienced.

I am a beginner hunter, Will help with my first hunt?

Yes we welcome beginner hunters or those coming to Africa for the first time. We will accommodate your hunt at your speed and take you through every step at your pace.

How much ammunition should I bring?

Clients are advised to bring 60 rounds of ammunition per rifle. Do not exceed 5kgs of ammunition.

Is medical care easily accessible?

Yes, we have very good doctors and hospitals nearby.

What temperatures can we expect?

Prepare for temperatures to range from 5-20° Celsius (41-68° Fahrenheit) at night and 15-28°Celsius (59-82°Fahrenehit) during the day over the months of February-November. Very comfortable hunting weather.

A warm coat for the drive in the morning is required, as you often sit in the back of the truck and it can be very chilly.

What should I pack?
  • 2x Camouflage or green/brown shirts and pants (trousers)
  • Camouflage hunting cap or hat
  • Hunting boots
  • 2x thick socks
  • Binoculars
  • Hunting rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Ammunition belt or pouch
  • Casual Clothing – One outfit for use prior and after your safari
  • Camera, flash and film – very Important
  • Any medical prescriptions
  • Shaving and cosmetic kit
  • Sun protection lotion and sunglasses
  • Raincoat or waterproof jacket

Minimum 5 hunters for 5 days.

Bookings will only be made if 50% deposit is received from total

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